Clear Your Mind, And the Rest Will Follow

Who has given meditation a try?

If you have been doing it for awhile now, perhaps you are beginning to notice subtle changes in your own life too.

If you are new to it, the key to succeeding with it is diligence. Stick with it. It takes consistency before you start to realize how it’s changing you.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, meditation was my start that led me to make some changes with my life. One of those changes was placing my passions as my priority.

Another change meditation led me to make, was to start using my body and emotions as my guidance system.

I decided that feeling good was my priority.

Don’t we all want to feel good? Isn’t that what is driving our desire for everything that we want in life—because we think we will feel good in the having of it?

So I decided I would just skip over waiting for all of these things, and I would just do what was necessary to feel good now.

I’m not trying to get all Pollyanna on you, but it’s true that if we just stop focusing on what we don’t have, and focus instead on all of the things we do have, it opens up our eyes to all there is to be happy about right now. It’s really quite brilliant.

When we choose to be happy about where we are right now, though we are not quite yet where we’d like to be, it puts us in a really good place to receive more of what we want.

When you understand the physics of energy, and that like attracts like, you then understand that if you can do what you can to feel good about yourself and your life now, then that will set you up to feel good later.

The energy you give off is the energy you receive.

So when you care about feeling good as your priority, you begin to pay close attention to your body and emotions as you go through your daily routine, and make subsequent changes.

If there are activities you do, or people you are around that fill you with dread, you begin to replace these with activities that bring you joy and people who make you feel good about yourself.

You begin to notice that certain foods, that although may taste good, don’t make your body feel good, or zap you of energy. When feeling good is your priority, you begin to eat less of these foods, and more of the foods that make you feel good and give you lots of energy.

You start to notice your sleeping hours, and make subsequent adjustments to your sleep routine to get enough rest to give you loads of energy.

Once your body gets used to all of this additional energy, it begins to crave exercise. Your energy craves an outlet. This is great because now, instead of forcing yourself to exercise, you are drawn to it. You look forward to it. And all of this makes you feel even more physically, mentally, and emotionally amazing.

When you focus on feeling good, your life evolves into one where everything feels like play, even your work, and so therefore it appears like you are on vacation everyday. And when you cut negative, criticizing people who just don’t make you feel good, out of your life, you make so much more room for loving people to come in and surround you.

And this is what we want right? Isn’t this what we are all chasing? Love. Feeling good. Happiness. More health. More abundance. More success.

The way we acquire more health, abundance, and success, is by focusing on feeling good. That’s it. That’s all we have to do.

Because when we focus on feeling good, we find the inspiration to make the necessary changes that lead us in the direction of the things we want.

Meditation is awesome because it clears the clutter and chaos out of your life. Over time it leads you to weed out toxic people and activities and thought patterns which leaves room for people, activities and thoughts that make you happier, to enter.

You’ll find yourself clearing it all out, but first you have to clear your mind. If you clear your mind, the rest will follow.

Who’s up for making feeling good their top priority this year?

You only live once!

All my love,



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