Respect is the Key

Another giant change I’ve noticed in my life since I began meditating, is that my connection to all of life is massively stronger now. It’s pretty intense.

I’ve always tried my best to love my neighbor, and I’ve always been into the environment and nature. But now I have been catapulted into a whole new level.

As I began to be thankful for my breath, and then my self-love grew, I also began to respect myself more. My increased self-respect then blossomed into a deeper, more intense respect for others and the environment.

Now, whenever I meet people, or see an animal, or step out into nature, there is a totally new feeling I experience. It’s like an intense appreciation and love for whatever splendor happens to be in front of me. It could be another human, any animal, or a tree. It doesn’t matter. Whatever I see, a warm, happy feeling washes over me. This also grew my compassion for all of life.

I am consciously aware now of my new state of being. And I have to be honest here. It feels so awesome!

Meditation led me to a deepened respect for everyone and everything. This new respect leads you to make different choices, and these different choices have a chain reaction. As we strive to evolve our minds, in return, we evolve as a society.

As we continue to march forward into the new year, just as a snake sheds it’s skin to grow into it’s new self, we too shed our old selves and step into the new.

This is an important act to consciously acknowledge. For those who fail to change and embrace the new, accumulate stagnant energies and thus manifest disease and other yucky things in their life.

This year, as we continue to enter into the Age of Aquarius, and feminine energies begin to awaken and arise in both females and males, I see us all moving towards a happier world where there is a deeper respect for every living thing. Respect is a huge key when we are hoping to gravitate towards a happier existence.

As you go deeper with your meditation practice, and your self-love and self-respect starts to grow, you will feel yourself start to respect others more. It’s totally crazy. But it really is the most wonderful thing. Life becomes so beautiful. It’s so intense, I trip out.

February is a time for release. It’s time to let go of stale beliefs and stagnant thought patterns that keep us stuck in a place where we don’t want to be. One way we can do this is by dropping disrespectful attitudes we may carry around with us.

For instance, we need to let go of negative gender stereotypes. We can’t hold on to these degrading preconceived notions any longer, they are dragging us all down. The negative energy surrounding it holds us back from evolving as a society. We know these thoughts aren’t true, and these belief patterns are so outdated. The new year is a great time to let them all go.

You might be wondering how to make this change. We have been taught by our parents and role models, public figures, TV/Hollywood, and society to think and act this way. How can we begin to move away from it?

It starts with simply not saying it out lout anymore. The next time you feel the urge to complain, or tell a degrading joke, or want to sigh and say, “why are all men like this, and why are all women like that”, stop yourself. Opt not to say it.

What happens when we do this, is a whole new respect blossoms for all of humankind. When we decide to watch what we say, and opt to say the kind thing or nothing at all, when we decide not to see humanity as, ALL women are like this, and ALL men are like that, we begin to see each person for what they uniquely and beautifully are. And this is where the paradigm shift occurs inside of you. When this happens, you will feel yourself catapult to a whole new level.

Having more respect for others on a micro scale, blooms into more respect for others on a macro scale, because it makes you feel more connected to all of life. What starts out as something small, turns into something huge.

And suddenly, now, just by changing your thoughts and tweaking one little action, you have become the change we wish to see in the world! Just like that! Imagine if everyone did it!

Imagine if everyone vowed this year to not say anything degrading about the opposite sex. And thus the mutual respect grew. And then together hand in hand, as genuinely respected equals, we continue into the future.

Could you imagine the peace and happiness? This is something to get excited about, because this is the direction we are heading!

Who will be a willing participant?

The sooner you hop on this bandwagon the better. As I said above, the people who refuse to change, are the first ones to attract ugly situations, including disease into their lives. The stagnant energy begins to putrefy.

This month, begin being conscious of your thoughts, and anytime you catch yourself grumbling over gender stereotypes, stop yourself. Then switch your thoughts over to aspects that you appreciate about the opposite sex.

The more you dwell on these positive thoughts, the more that will become your dominant state of thinking, and your vibration will lift. Perhaps you will even find yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, or see your current relationship improve.

Let me know how it goes!




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