Bring Your Vacation to You!

Can you stop for a moment and remember back to your last vacation where you really had a lot of fun?

Can you picture it clearly in your head right now? Can you fully go there in your mind, just for a moment?

Where were you? Who were you with?

What were you doing? How were you feeling?

What made it so awesome?

Is it the thrill of exploring a new place?

Is it the feeling of freedom of leaving your obligations behind?

Is it the feeling of ease at the pace of life that is flowing?

Does life just seem easier and more fun and more free when you are on vacation?

What if you could bring that feeling that you experience while you are on vacation into your every day life?

What if you could create a life you don’t need a vacation from?

Sometimes when we are new to meditation, we have a hard time clearing our head of thoughts completely, so it’s easier to focus our attention instead on a single, life-affirming word.

One word that I have spent over a year meditating on is EASE. This word has helped me take my life full of chaos and calm it down. Meditating on this word, has certainly created EASE in my life.

My life is very at ease right now, and sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t need to panic about anything. Everything is as it should be, and unfolding in the right time. I trust the pace of the Universe.

People ask me how I can seem so laidback all the time. How can I always be so chill? How does it seem like I am on vacation most of the time?

This is because I planted seeds of EASE in my garden, and thus am reaping a harvest of EASE. It’s just as simple for you to do, too.

Bring your vacation to you. Meditate on the word and feeling of EASE, and watch what happens.


If you experience any anxiety at all, EASE is a great word for you to focus on. As you sit/lay in meditation, breathe in the word EASE, and breathe out any thoughts that don’t feel good. Just simply let it all go. Replace every fear driven thought with the thought of EASE.

Aside from the EASE vibe, there are other life-affirming words we can focus on as well, to help us through whatever negative place we might find ourselves standing in.

If you experience depression, TRUST is a great word to focus on. Breathe in TRUST, as you trust that whatever lies ahead of you is way more awesome than anything that is behind you. Breathe in TRUST, and let the rest go. Let go of all the doubts, and TRUST.

If you struggle with low self-esteem, or feelings of unworthiness, or lack self-love, LOVE is a great word to focus on. Simply breathe in the word LOVE and breathe out self-defeating thoughts. Let go of everything and replace it with LOVE.

Whatever you struggle with, there is a meditation solution! Pick a word!

What’s more important than the word though, is bringing yourself into the feeling of the word. The emotion associated with the word is what convinces your subconscious. The more we experience the emotion, the more we re-train our subconscious.

See how we really can co-create our lives? Pretty cool!

If you want a life that feels like vacation, EASE is totally the word for you. Give it a go! Let me know how it goes!

Peace, love, and EASE,



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