Hello April!

Hi Friends. Happy April!

How is it already April?

I’ve been thinking about the swirling energies of April, and today the message of balance came to me.

Have you ever been so caught up in a huge shitstorm, where you get so wiped out by it that you sort of seem to sink away from society and lose track of any sort of time space reality?

I’ve been there before, and I know that’s it not fun. I know how hard it is to put one foot in front of the other. I know how hard it is to face the day. I know how scary it is when you think for a moment that perhaps there is no way out.

But have you also been so entangled in a happy place that you just can’t seem to keep a foot on the ground and seem to get swept away by the tide?

I know what it’s like to both sink and float away from all realities. Lately, floating is where I’ve been the past few months. Totally rocking out in a blissful state. Trying to stay aware of time space reality, but allowing myself to get lost in it all together too.

Neither of these states lasts forever. Life is cyclical, so if you are currently in a shitstorm, fear not, for sunnier days are coming for you too.

However, no matter which state of being you find yourself in today, April energies are going to intensify it. The dominating energy of April is intensity.

Where ever you are, no matter if you are sinking or floating, it’s important to try to keep your balance.

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned this, but the best way to keep your balance is to return to your Dharma. Cling to it. Use it as your rock. Because when the shitstorm passes, or you float back down to planet Earth, you want to make sure you have something stand on.

So what do I mean? Cling to your Dharma…..what’s that?

Your Dharma is your path. It’s the talents you were born with.

Dharma is your gift to give. It’s the love you have to share with the world. No matter your status, never stop giving it.

For, when you find yourself floating around, if you focus on continuing to give love, it ensures that good times keep coming.

When you are sinking in the shitstorm, giving your love is your way out of it. Switching your focus from yourself to giving love to others brings you out of the darkness and leads you towards the light.

Giving love feels good, and when you feel good, you raise your vibration. We know from physics that like attracts like, so when you give love, you get love. What feels better than that?

The best way to deal with the intensity of April this month is to remain committed to your Dharma no matter which forces are trying to pull you away from it. Keep your balance in these wild times. Your soul will be thankful you did.

Just a quick reminder that love starts with you and your self love. No matter what you are going through, be it times of despair or happy-go-lucky blissful times, do not neglect yourself. Continue to nourish your mind, body and soul. Don’t sacrifice this as it leads to resentment later on when the energies shift around us bringing us new experiences. If you keep up with your self love and care routine, you’ll land on two feet when you emerge from whatever eddy you’re chilling in.

What are you here to give? What do you love to do? How can you give love to another today, without any expectation of anything in return?

Just keep giving. A smile, a hug, a listening ear, compassion, acceptance, understanding.

There are so many ways to offer love that are completely free.

Maybe you have a song deep inside you, or a poem. Maybe you love to scrape tartar off of people’s teeth. Maybe you’re awesome with a football.

I hope this message is clear. Give your love. Don’t stop. Walk your path.

When you find yourself lost and confused in April, just remember to return to your Dharma. Keep sharing your talents and love with the world. It’s why we’re here!

Much love to all of you during these crazy intense times! It’s going to be a wild ride. Love will see you through.

Love, love, love,


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