Plant Seeds of Bliss

Hi Friends! It’s me here, checking in with all of you. How is your Spring coming along?

I’m thinking about my journey the past few months….and then am dragging the memory back even further into the past year.

Gazing back, I can only see one overall state of being that really describes how I’ve been feeling: blissed out.


I’ve had major ups and downs for sure. Moments where my heart has been ripped out of my chest. Tears. Moments of anger and flickers of other negative emotions. But overall, on average, I’ve been able to sustain a blissed out state of being for what seems like an extended period of time. And truth be told, it feels AMAZING.

What day of the week is it? No idea. What’s happening in the news today? Don’t care. What’s the latest Hollywood saga? No clue. I’m floating on a cloud, and nothing else matters.


What happens when nothing else matters? It means you are in the present moment, which is exactly where we want to be! It means we aren’t plagued by our pasts or anxious about future events that haven’t occurred. When we are free of all that, we are free to enjoy THIS moment, here and now.

When we wake up and become present to the miracle of the moment that we are in, the moment we are living, and give heed to nothing else, this is when and how the ecstasy creeps in.

The longer you can stay in the present moment, the longer you can appreciate what is the present moment, and the more blissed out you become.

I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever felt like this in my life before. And to be honest, I think I’ve hit a totally new and–the best part is–consistent high. I’ve had times where I thought I was happy, but now I have realized that I’ve reached a whole new realm of happiness. It’s trippy!

The greatest challenge with all of this, is bouncing off the walls and doing backflips and giggling constantly around people who aren’t quite there yet. It’s like, people don’t quite get you, and you don’t get them anymore. They don’t understand why you are so dang happy even though things aren’t perfect in your life, and you don’t understand why they aren’t happier simply to be alive.

And so, when a rift in vibrations occurs like that, as it has with me, then it happens that I and some people in my life are no longer serving each other. Though intentions may be good, it’s impossible for us to serve each other because we are not flying on the same plane of reality.

So what I really want is more people up here with me. And trust me, you want it too. You are totally going to want some of what I’ve been smoking.

I can’t believe it took me so long to recognize the miracle that life is. I can’t believe it took me so long to see the magic of every moment. I can’t believe it took me so long to see and appreciate the real and raw beauty of everyone and everything.

But now that I see it, I can’tĀ unseeĀ it. And so, at times, I’m so consumed by intense love for all that is around me that it’s almost overwhelming! However, it is upon meditating upon this love that is what elevates us up to this blissed out state.

So you may be wondering how we can just make a quantum leap up into the next realm of happiness. In other words, how do we just start blissing out?

The answer is found in our awareness AND appreciation of the present moment. First you have to be in the moment, and then you have to choose to enjoy it, no matter what’s going on. Be in love with the present moment.

When you are fully feeling that, THAT is when you start blissing out.

I can’t stress to you enough that the present moment is all that truly matters, because we don’t ever know what the future holds, and the past is gone forever. Fretting about either or is a waste of our precious energy.

Focus on the here and now, and appreciate what is. Love what is in front of you. The appreciation of what is is what will lead you up to cloud nine. It is what will show you the magic of each moment.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, rebirths, and planting fresh seeds. What seeds you plant today will be what you harvest tomorrow.

If you plant seeds of love and appreciation for what is today, what you receive tomorrow will amaze you.

Carry this appreciation with you throughout the day. Are you thankful for toilet paper each time you use the bathroom?

I am! Get that basic with it. Your life will start exploding with blessings.

Love you all and Happy Spring!



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