Why We Make Our Bed

For a long time, I thought that making the bed was just something that I did for me.

I love coming home after a long day and jumping into a freshly made bed.

I enjoy the feeling of relief when an unexpected visitor pops by and I know my bed is made, making my room look tidy.

But, over the years, as I’ve gotten deeper into this morning practice, I’ve found that I have really developed an almost kind of comforting sort of kinship with this daily task, turning it from a chore into a ritual that I actually look forward to each day.

I think what has transcended this experience for me is that over time, I no longer see this duty as something I do just for me, and my ego, and my desire to appear perfect when people stop over and will see that I have it all together because my bed is made. Because that’s what a made bed signifies, right?

Instead, I have developed a new respect for the message that performing this task sends out to the Universe.

Friends, no matter where you are on your journey–whether you are in a spot where you are feeling low, or starting anew, or are in a rut, or feeling lost, or bored, are ready for change, feeling anxious or depressed, or whatever–making your bed is a good first step towards whatever is coming up next for you. It’s an extremely grounding action. When we wake up in the morning, one of the first things we can do to feel organized and grounded and safe and happy and thankful, is to make our bed.

The bed that we lie in, dream in, make love in, cry in, find healing in. The bed that comforts us, and keeps us warm and makes us feel safe. The place where we start and end each day. How thankful are we for this sacred space? Eight hours of our precious 24 hours each day is spent in this holy place. How do we honor it?

When we are searching for a higher connection, a higher vibration, a fresh start, a step up, a step in the right direction, guidance, more abundance, more love, more luxury, more comfort, making our bed is a great first start. Done lovingly each day, making our bed sends a huge message to the Universe about our appreciation and respect we have for our daily resting place.

It’s also okay if you don’t feel love outright for this “chore” straight away. Take it easy on yourself and be patient with the process. Focus instead at first on simply completing the task each morning. Then, repeated regularly over time, the love will come, as you begin to move into a meditative space as you complete the chore.

This meditative state keeps you in the moment with the task at hand, and you begin to give thanks and love for this sacred space where you lay your body down each day. It’s respect. It’s love. It’s appreciation and gratitude. And all of these positive vibrations serve to bring us more of the goodness.

If you’re looking to add one new action to your daily grind that will help transform your life, start by making your bed. Realize that his action is not futile nor self-serving. It’s not about who sees our throw pillows neatly arranged, it’s about the message we are sending out to the gods who deliver us more health and abundance. If we do not appreciate what we already have, why should the gods send us more?

When you are searching for what’s up next for you, or what’s new, or desire more love, more abundance, more success, more health, etc., ground yourself by returning to the basics. Keep it simple. Show the Universe you are ready for bigger things by showing your love, gratitude and appreciation for the smaller things. This keeps us humble.

If done with diligence, making our bed and caring for our sacred resting space will naturally spread to other areas of our life. It’s so magical. You’ll see!

Sending you lots of love,


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