About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient healing science from India. Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word, means, “the science of life”, or “the knowledge of life”. It is a healing system that focuses on healing the whole person–mind, body and soul. It is about treating the cause of a disease, not just the symptom. In order to achieve optimal physical health and wellness, we must also have mental, and spiritual/emotional fitness as well. Ayurveda is about balancing our energies, and practicing Ayurveda involves creating sustainable lifestyle habits.

I believe that Ayurveda, though a gem from the past, is also our way of the future. It is a practice that sustains life and a lifestyle that transcends time. And what I especially adore about Ayurveda, is that it takes the abstract subject of spirituality and the evidence of science, and merges them together. They are one.

This ends the debate of spirituality vs. science, and instead marries the two. They go together like yin and yang. And suddenly, with the revival of this ancient truth, the eternal argument is over. We can all go back to being friends. It is not either or. It is both. Spirituality and science are one in the same, and it is with this knowledge that we can be healed and keep well.

The way this truth resonates with me is like a tickling sensation rippling across my heart. It makes me giddy. For if we give up our claims for just a minute, if we consider this concept open-mindedly, it really does make some deep sense. And I’ll explain why.

We know from high school physics that everything is made up of energy. You, me, the trees, the stars, and everything in between are all forms of energy. We also know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes form.

Once we can acknowledge that everything is energy, and we understand that like energies gravitate together, we can begin to see how lower and higher, darker and lighter energies exist. Hold this thought for a moment.

Now, let’s scoot over to take a spirituality glimpse. When we mention the “Divine/Creator/God/etc.”, what these terms are acknowledging is that collective universal energy, that we just all agreed upon was physics, just a moment ago. So, when we know that everything is made up of energy, then we know that there is a collective energy “out there”. And depending on if we are on a higher energy frequency level or a lower energy frequency level will determine our experiences, as our own personal energy level is in kind with what we gravitate to.

I love how beautifully the two concepts interact. It solves so many confusions and problems. Now we can just move forward knowing that everyone was right, we were both right. I love situations where everybody wins.

Spirituality and science are so interconnected it’s nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other. The science is the energy, and the consciousness of the energy is spirit. You cannot have one without the other. They coexist.

So now, we no longer need to remain skeptical of spirit. The scientific evidence lifts the mysterious veil off of spirituality. We no longer need proof of it’s existence in order to believe in it. Now we know that it exists because physics proves it. The law of energy is spirituality’s testimony.

Ayurveda is the practice of learning about these universal energies and understanding how to use them to our health, happiness, and abundant advantage. When we know that the universe is made up entirely of energy, which means that we are too, and every interaction that occurs in life is simply a transformation of energy, why would we not embrace Ayurveda as our lifestyle? In my mind, it’s the only thing in life that makes complete and perfect sense. When we are all made up of energy, why would we not center our life around learning about and working with that energy? Ayurveda, simply put, is about that of which we are. Energy.

Ayurveda literally means, “the science of life”. It is the science of energies and how they interact. It is the science of bringing spirituality back into every aspect of our lives, bringing us fully to life.

Thank you for joining me in this space. It feels so good to have you here. I’m excited to share the Ayurveda journey with you. I hope you find answers to your health and happiness questions. I look forward to serving all of you. Welcome to Ayurveda! 🙂

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